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Being a Graphic Communication Major in Prague

September 28, 2018
by Whitney Knorp

PRG Fall18 Wknorp graffiti
Graphic Communication is not your average art and design major, but it is a unique major that combines the discipline of graphic design with the study of printing, technology, web, business, and marketing. Since this is so uncommon, I initially didn’t expect to feel in touch with my major while abroad, but since arriving in Prague, I have really experienced Graphic Communication in many new ways. 

PRG Fall18 Wknorp park viewOne way I’ve been furthering my skills in Graphic Communication as a Web and Digital Media concentration is by taking Creative Photography, a concentration-related course, at Anglo-American University. Even though I can’t take my exact major classes here, Creative Photography still gives me an outlet to push myself creatively. It forces me to continue working with and improving my skills on similar software that I work with in Graphic Communication.

PRG Fall18 Wknorp cobblestoneApplying to be a CEA Mobile Journalist has also pushed me in ways that directly relate to my major. It drives me to create creative content in the form of blogs, photography, videography, and social media posts. It has been a really great opportunity to develop my abilities outside of the classroom in web and digital media forms.  

PRG Fall18 Wknorp pink house graffitiSignificant creativity drives most of what one does as a Graphic Communication major, and Prague is the perfect place to rekindle your creative spirit. The city’s beauty inspires new ideas and creativity because everywhere you look there is something beautiful, intricate, or eye-catching. It’s not hard to be constantly inspired while you’re observing the contrast of the city’s architecture, where no two buildings ever seem to look the same, or when walking on artistic cobblestone sidewalks contrasted by beautiful surrounding nature and graffitied walls. Prague is a city of chaotic art everywhere you look. 

PRG Fall18 Wknorp posters malostranskaOne of the most interesting parts of being a Graphic Communication major in Prague is being able to witness the culture of design, print, and marketing in a community separate from the United States. A common form of advertising in Prague is print, which has given me a greater appreciation for the design and printing process that goes into making print advertising effective and lasting. The style of design tends to be very clean, bright, and simple as opposed to a lot of design I see in the United States that is more complex and appreciates imperfections of hand-written and hand-drawn styles. Having the opportunity to observe the world of Graphic Communication here in Prague has been a blessing of both inspiration and global perspective.

Whitney Knorp is the Fall 2018 CEA MOJO Blogger in Prague, Czech Republic, and is currently studying at California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo.
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