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How To: Add MOJO Experience to Your Résumé & LinkedIn


"MOJO" is a difficult title to add to your résumé. Not a lot of future employers will know what a MOJO is and a quick google search will show them a Wikipedia page of mojo sauce (whatever that is). So how do you explain to them your relevant experience quickly on a one sheet paper that will at best, be skimmed? Here's how to to get the most out of your experience without lying on your résumé.

Explaining "MOJO" on Paper & Online

It is best practice to modify your résumés and CVs to the job you are applying to. But does that mean you can change the title of one of your positions? You always have options, you can always edit for clarity and communication as long as you are not misleading or misrepresenting your background and experience. Here's my advice, if you're going to change your title from "MOJO," make sure you include that terminology somewhere else in that section.

Here are some alternative titles you can use:

  • Travel Blogger (MOJO)
  • Travel Writer (MOJO)
  • Travel Photographer (MOJO)
  • Content Producer (MOJO)
  • Travel Videographer (MOJO)

Descriptions can be tricky. You basically have to fit as much information in as little real estate as possible, and when it comes to your résumé, real estate is valuable. Not to mention, in an increasingly data-driven world, employers want to see good numbers. Make sure every description uses terminology in the job description they you're applying for, use action words and quantify your accomplishments and responsibilities. Check out CEA's sample résumé for more tips. Adding your experience to your LinkedIn profile will give you a little bit more leeway, there is beauty in being succinct, but don't forget to utilize the extra real estate available on the digital platform. Don't forget to link to your blog posts or specific areas on our website where you see your work in the "Projects" section, it will make your LinkedIn profile more searchable for recruiters.

Here are some sample descriptions for your MOJO Blogger, Photographer, or Videographer experience:

  • Used strong written/visual communication skills to blog/photograph experiences while living and working in [Location] for the CEA Study Abroad publications.
  • Improved traffic for CEA Study Abroad's digital entities by producing 9 video and written/photographs publications.

If that type of clarification is relevant to the position for which you're applying and gets you to the next step, you'll also have the opportunity to explain the role in the interview.

Putting it to the Test

OK, now you have the interview and the interviewer actually took the time to read every word of your résumé. S/He asks a question along the lines of "How does your MOJO experience translate to this position?" This is where you get to play to your passion. Employers want to know what motivates you to get your work done; whatever it is, make sure you are able to articulate what you did and why you did it.

Shayla Auer is CEA’s Alumni Relation Associate. Originally from Arizona, Shayla attended University of Colorado in Boulder. While earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, she completed a study abroad program in Seville, Spain.  After graduation, Shayla moved back to southern Spain to teach and work in the field of study abroad.

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