No More Excuses! Save on Spring 2014 Study Abroad Programs.

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What if you could make the world your classroom? What if you woke up halfway around the globe, and felt right at home? What if, instead of reading about the Berlin Wall, you stood where it once did?

No more excuses, no more what if’s, CEA can help open up your global perspective and give you an education, experiences, new friends and family you’ll never forget. But this deal is only for the first 100 students who apply for a Spring 2014 program by July 15th. Don’t spend another semester dreaming it, take our $750 and go live it. You can thank us when you get back.

Use promo code FlyCEA14 to save up to $750 on airfare, or SaveCEA14 for $750 off your total program cost.

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