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Galway Academic Institution

NUI, Galway
The National University of Ireland, Galway is accredited by the National University of Ireland, a federal University.
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NUI, Galway

NUI, Galway

National University of Ireland, Galway was founded in 1849 as one of three non-denominational Queen’s Colleges. It went on to become one of the constituent colleges of the National University of Ireland and by 1997 was reconstituted as NUI Galway following the Universities Act. Since its foundation the University has experienced significant and continuous growth and gone on to become one of the most prestigious teaching and research institutions in Ireland.

The university campus is situated on the banks of the River Corrib, close to the centre of Galway. The original mid-nineteenth century University buildings are in a Tudor architectural style. The old stone quadrangle, at the heart of the University, is flanked by new buildings, reflecting the steady growth, in quality and in numbers, of the University. Today there are over 15,000 students with more than 1,600 staff on the pretty 260 acre campus stretching along the banks of the River Corrib. Over 1,000 international students study there each year.

Teaching is delivered through departments of which there are over 50. CEA students will be fully integrated into the Irish student population studying courses in a variety of faculties including Arts, Law, Commerce and Science. Courses consist of small seminars and tutorial sessions with anywhere from 20 to 50 students, or large lecture courses with up to 300 students in each course. Most courses will combine both teaching settings so students have the opportunity to get to know their individual disciplines and work together on the materials.

As well we enjoying the excellent academics offered at NUI Galway, you will have access to a wide variety of clubs and societies, computer labs, library, recreation halls and gym, student center, and guidance from the International Education Office. The relaxed, friendly atmosphere at NUI Galway makes for a thoroughly enjoyable holistic study abroad experience.

Classroom Information

  • International faculty from NUI Galway will teach your electives.
  • Periodic exams, homework assignments and final exams will be administered.
  • Attendance in some classes is mandatory and monitored by professors.
  • Teaching styles in Ireland can be very different from those found in the US or Canada. Be prepared to adapt to the different classroom structures and coursework expectations for your school.
  • Class size ranges between 15 and 30 students for upper division courses, and between 50 and 300 students for lectures.
  • You will be in class with CEA participants, other international students and Irish students.


American students will find that they will not have the same system of accountability that they are used to at their home universities. Irish professors assume that you are there to learn and they typically do not take responsibility for your learning. You are responsible for knowing the subject matter and researching topics related to your course. In addition, many Irish professors will not give feedback about how you are doing. Grades are usually based on a final exam, paper or oral presentation. Quizzes, homework assignments and midterms are rare. Just because homework is not assigned to you, do not assume that you will not be responsible for knowing the material at the end of the semester.

The NUI Galway grades on a 100 point scale with 70+ equaling an "A+". Please keep in mind that it is not very common for a student to score above a 70.

NUI Galway Verbal Grade NUI Galway Numerical Grade American Letter Grade American Numerical Grade
First Class Honours
Second Class Honours, Grade 1
Second Class Honours, Grade 2
Third Class Honours