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French Riviera University Services

CEA works to ensure that you have a positive academic study abroad experience. CEA coordinates with partner institutions to provide students with various university services.

Centre International d’Antibes

University services available to CEA students include:

  • The Centre International d’Antibes (CIA), founded in 1985, is considered to be one of the best French language teaching centers in France
  • Recognized by the French Ministry of National Education
  • Summer programs available


University services available to CEA students include:

  • Multimedia Library with 3,000 periodicals in electronic format
  • Computer labs with free Internet and Intranet access; WIFI
  • Student Foyer
  • Cafeteria
  • Sports facilities including gymnasium and climbing wall
  • University-organized cultural, sporting and enterprise activities
  • Access to an extensive list of student organizations and clubs

SKEMA - EAI Student Clubs and Associations

The EAI student unioin. Our aim is nothing more nor less than to entertain you by proposing various kinds of interesting activities to counterbalance the stress of studies.

Gala SKEMA Business School
The gala is a unique event bringing together young graduates, the SKEMA'S administrative body and all the school's promotions for a prestigious evening on our wonderful Côte d'Azur. If you are interested in helping to organize the Gala, don't hesitate, just come and join in...

Promo SKEMA : Promotion of the SKEMA
PROMO SKEMA is composed of 20 members, highly motivated to promote their school from the student's point of view.

Escape : IT
An association focusing on IT and web design, Escape offers its services on a day-to-day basis : computer assistance, CD engraving, courses in HTML or creation of Internet sites… Nothing escapes the "Escapeurs".

Bug W@tch : EAI Tech's IT association
Problems with your computer, portable, network, BugW@tch is THE solution to all your problems! Bug W@tch can also provide you with equipment: cards, cables, CDs, etc.

Bureau des Jeux : Games
Hi there, this association proposes games. The choice is yours: network, cards, role-playing and many others. You can't say there's not enough choice for having fun.

EAI LEADERSHIP : Gala et year book
Leadership is a group of fun-loving and resourceful students who, from September onwards, busy themselves finding sponsors, service-suppliers and the location for your year-end Gala.


BDS : BDS - "Bureau des Sports"
BDS is a combat team at the service of sport and CERAM students. Lots of fun and activities of all kinds: organization of tournaments, days on the ski slopes... A highly motivated and dynamic team at your service for letting it rip, wild sensations, adrenalin and, above all, SPORT!!!!

SKEMA Bolide: Mechanical Sports
An association whose main purpose is to participate in the "4L Trophy", a sporting event for charity, but also to spread the word about mechanical sports at the CERAM. The aim of the 4L Trophy is not to get lost in the desert, not to explode your 4L, not to forget to hand out pens and note-books in the villages, and to see that participants from all the colleges help each other out (yes, you heard right...).

SKEMA Golf club: Golf association
The CERAM Golf Club has organized the first Golf Trophy for Advanced Business Colleges, which has become a reference concerning Golf competition among France's Business Schools. The CERAM golf Club has won the 2006 Trophy and is thus very proud to organize the 2007 tournament on a Cote d'Azur golf course. This will be an opportunity for the newly arrived students to achieve a nationwide project and to share an unforgettable experience.

SKEMA Yachting : Sailing Club
This association naturally aims to flaunt the Céramien flag across all 6 oceans, but above all to see that Céramiens share the many pleasures offered by sailing.


Esperanza: Charity work
The SKEMA's charity association: wearing their hearts on their sleeves, they do all they can to help those who need it most. Because a business school isn't just to teach you to be sharks but also how to stay human.


Club Jason: Association for heightened awareness of the environment
Based at the EAI Tech, the Club Jason brings together advanced education students and teachers of environmental science, in its widest sense. They discover the Mediterranean environment while preparing the task of scientific popularization and provision of on-site evidence.

Interculture: A welcome for foreign students
Interculture handles the reception of foreign students and organizes events designed to help them settle in at the SKEMA or enabling them to discover the region: evenings in bars, clubs, cultural visits and sightseeing, weekends in the loveliest parts of the region but also in Italy or Spain. We also work on cultural exchanges with these students. Interculture is a go-ahead team, always ready to listen and always ready for a party!! Don't hesitate to get in touch or ask for more info...

LA TROUPE: Theatre
When tomorrow's managers take the stage... Created in 2002 by a group of actors, the association "La Troupe de Théâtre" aims to give would-be performers the chance to express themselves on stage, at the FESTI of course, but also in other locations.

Le FESTI: Theatre Festival
This is the association that has organized the "Festival National de Théâtre des Grandes Ecoles et Universités" for the past 20 years. Each year, it brings together amateur drama troupes (national and international) for an entire week.

Botrytis: Oenology
Our aim is to introduce people to wine and to cultivate everything related to it: good food, a party atmosphere, memorable moments and "tutti chianti". For you (and for us), we organize wine-tastings with good labels that are commented on by real oenologists, who are happy to answer all your questions.

Business Enterprise

AMD: Jobs for students
Direct marketing? That's her thing and she can suggest many jobs to help you round out your budget at the end of the month, thanks to short-term assignments that can easily be fitted into your program!

Azur Junior Conseil : Junior Entreprise
A students' advisory body specializing in market and satisfaction studies, business plans, image/notoriety studies, concept tests, feasibility studies… Organization of special events, lectures and professional events.

Sophia-Forum: Organization of the biggest employment forum
Organization of the biggest employment and recruitment forum in the PACA region. More than 50 exhibitors, 3,500 visitors - in short, it's mega! There's work for everyone: com, PR, contacting companies, logistics.

SKEMAtable: Finance - Stock Market
SKEMA Sophia-Antipolis stock market finance association. Participation in the inter-college " Spéculateur Avisé " contest… The finance network!

ETHICUM junior: Ethics and sustainable development
The purpose of this association is to promote ethics and corporate responsibility (RSE), ie. sustainable development as applied to companies. Among other activities: members contact companies, meet with managers and validate questionnaires, then designate the winners of the ETHICUM trophy which rewards companies' efforts in RSE.
Further info :
Sophie Mahé, president -
Amélie Morant, treasurer -

EAI Alumni: Former EAI students
EAI Tech carries on the work it initiated amongst former students in order to find out what kind of work they do and how they were received by members of the industrial sector.


3 styles : Fans of Hip Hop
The aim of "3 styles" is to promote hip hop culture within the CERAM and share its passion through various activities (music, dance, singing, "graff"...).

Avenue Montaigne: Fashion forever...
This association of fashion victims organizes several shows : the "CERAM Inter Associations" fashion show, the "Jeunes Créateurs" ("Young Designers") show and others aimed at getting boutiques in the PACA region more widely known.

Synopsis: Video
This team of reporters covers everything related to video within the CERAM. Short movies, evenings, sketches, interviews... Nothing is beyond their scope.

Saphir: Communication & Multimedia
Design of logos, creation of posters, ads, presentation supports, Tromby, Year Books etc. From graphics to page layout, Saphiriens know everything there is to know about images!

BDA bizz'Art : BDA - "Bureau des Arts"
Art, Fun and Art... The Students' Show, salsa, art competitions, exhibitions, concerts, evening events, jam sessions… bda bizz'art explores everything with a close or loose connection to art, for the most "artistically inclined"!

Planet EAI: Camera happy
Created by a group of five pals addicted to video, journalism and the multimedia, Planet EAI is television just for students : Planet EAI, the TV that looks like you!! Documentaries, retrospectives, street micros, interviews by real camera addicts!