Before You Go

Planning Assistance

We've made it easier to find the information you need to help you choose the program that's right for you. Share the following with your university advisor and parents and get their input on your decision.

Planning Assistance
  • Online course descriptions and syllabi to assist you in obtaining pre-approval from your university, including language of instruction, recommended credits and contact hours
  • Online sample budgets for Paris
  • Online program calendar
  • Information on the academic institutions in Paris, including accreditation, historical background and grading system
  • Online map of Paris showing location of academic institutions, the CEA office, and housing options in proximity to area monuments and attractions

Your Tools with CEA

CEA has created interactive tools to assist you in planning your study abroad program.

MyCEA Account
  • MyCEA Account to help you manage your study abroad application, payments, fees and other planning
  • Casa, your online housing application and selection program

StudentUniverse Travel Partner

CEA has arranged a partnership with StudentUniverse to offer students discounts in planning their travel arrangements. The company advocates for students, working directly with airlines to get the best prices possible. They are able to negotiate special fares because airlines can depend on their patented verification technology to make sure that students are the ones benefiting from these reduced fares.

STA Travel Partner

While You're There

Airport Reception

Student arriving before 6 p.m. on the start date of their program will be greeted at the Charles de Gaulle (CDG) airport by a friendly CEA representative, who will take you to your CEA housing.

Airport Reception
  • A worry-free start to your CEA program
  • Added convenience and comfort upon your arrival in Paris

Welcome & Orientation

CEA offers an in-depth welcome orientation for the students in your program. CEA staff host a reception, where you'll meet your cohort, as well as go over what you need to know about living in Paris and attending your host academic institution. Topics will cover a variety of subjects including:

Welcome & Orientation
  • Local customs
  • Extracurricular activities
  • CEA policies
  • Health and safety information

Tuition & Registration

CEA takes care of administrative and registration processes, as well as payment of tuition fees, at the academic institution in Paris on behalf of students.

Tuition and University Registration
  • Tuition
  • Fees
  • Course registration

Paris Staff Support

Our Paris staff resides and works locally in Paris. They'll meet you at the airport, provide you with valuable information about the city and guide you through acclimating to your new and exciting surroundings.

Staff Support
  • A local perspective on additional travel opportunities in your host country
  • Assistance in securing personalized services such as music lessons, sports clubs or volunteer opportunities
  • Advocates for you on academic and housing issues
  • Small group French language tutoring from CEA French instructors


Depending on the housing available for your particular program and based on availability, you may choose from diverse housing arrangements, allowing you to experience "living like a local" in Paris. View our Paris Housing Map for a closer look at CEA's housing proximity to the CEA office, host institutions and area landmarks.

Please note: Housing assignments in the Early Start portion of the program may differ from the housing assignments for the remainder of the semester. All students in the Early Start programs will be placed in either Shared Studios, Shared Apartments or Residence Hall and may be transferred to a different housing upon the start of the regular semester.

Paris Housing - Living like a local


CEA organizes regular day and overnight trips to culturally and historically relevant destinations outside of Paris, giving you a deeper understanding of France as a whole, as well as surrounding sub-cultures, populations and landscapes.

  • Giverny
  • Strasbourg
  • Bruges, Belgium
  • And More!

Cultural Activities

CEA offers you a variety of cultural activities to help you connect with Paris's culture.

Paris Housing - Living like a local
  • Weekly raffles to win prizes or tickets to the opera, ballet or a concert
  • Faculty-led walking tours, such as "Promenade de la Mode & Fashion" and "Sexuality in the Luxembourg Gardens"
  • Free access to Paris wine fair
  • Organized language exchanges with local French students
  • Exclusive access to architectural renovation sites around Paris
  • Gourmet tastings
  • Intramural sports
  • And more!

Social Activities

CEA's Paris Staff organizes opportunities for you to socialize and interact with your classmates and other Paris students in more casual settings.

Social Activities
  • Welcome reception and student introductions
  • Bike riding and rollerblading through Paris
  • Language exchange dinner at a local restaurant
  • French cinema screening
  • Farewell event, for example a private dinner and soirée with your classmates or brunch cruise on the Seine river

Volunteer Opportunities

As a student in Paris, you'll have opportunities to meet with locals, share in the French way of life, and do some good by volunteering your time and contributing to the community.

  • Local soup kitchen
  • Teach in a local high schools

Active Learning Opportunities

The CEA Paris Center offers many opportunities for students to actively engage in the local culture through in- and out-of-class activities, tours, lectures and workshops.

Active Learning
  • Exclusive access to behind-the-scenes tours of ongoing architectural renovation sites
  • Human Rights visit to UNESCO Headquarters in Paris
  • Behind-the-scenes visit to a Parisian bakery, where students learn how to bake a cake while honing their French language skills
  • Interactive perfume-making workshop
  • Student photography exhibit, where Photography & Film Development students show their work in a public art show
  • End-of-semester conference on intercultural competence, where students analyze how to articulate their study abroad experience in the job world

CEA Office Amenities

The CEA office provides you with access to computer labs, language labs, video screening rooms, Internet access and more.

CEA Office Amenities
  • Access to printing, faxing and scanning
  • Reserve library, including all required and some recommended readings from the course syllabi
  • Secured luggage storage for students who wish to travel before or after their program dates
  • Equipment lending, a limited stock of small appliances and extra kitchen tools
  • Student lounge and café

University Services

The academic institutions CEA has partnered with in Paris come with their own set of services and benefits. As a CEA student, you’ll have access to additional amenities. Check your program for specific details.

University Services
  • Language labs at the Sorbonne
  • Computer lab with Wi-Fi at the CEA Paris Center
  • Cultural Activities Office at the Catholic University
  • Student Sports organizations and on campus gym at NOVANCIA
  • And more…

Additional Conveniences

Here's a quick rundown of additional items included in your CEA Paris program.

Additional Student Perks
  • Book share program helps you reduce textbook spending, provided you're willing to share books, too
  • Book Sale, hosted by the CEA Paris Center in partnership with local book seller SMD
  • Weekly raffles for students (cheese basket, t-shirt, cultural and food related prizes)

When You Return

University Follow-Up

The same site specialist who helped you plan for your program in Paris is available to assist you with completing your university's process to obtain credit and check off any course requirements.

University Follow-Up
  • Advising on how to transfer course credit
  • Assistance with transcripts


Once you complete your CEA program, you will receive one official transcript from your academic institution in Paris as a part of your program price. You may opt to have this transcript automatically sent to your home institution 90 days after completion of your program and payment of any/all outstanding fees.

University Follow-Up

Stay Connected

Many of our alumni stay actively involved in international travel (having been bitten by the bug, how could you not?) and choose to stay in touch with faculty, staff and friends from their time in Paris. We invite you to share your experiences with others.

Stay Connected

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Why not? Go again and we'll give you an alumni price. (But you better send us photos this time!)

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