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Business Studies
2012/2013 Year - Courses

Session Dates
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2012/2013 Year 09/05/2012- 05/04/2013 CLOSED 07/16/2012 $29,995

2012 Fall Semester
2013 Spring Semester

The following is a list of courses and/or subject areas that has been offered in the past by the host institution. Please note, foreign institutions do not usually finalize course listings until the beginning of the academic year or semester. This list will be updated as the host institution provides additional information.

Language Requirements

Before your program begins, you will take a placement exam so that you can take language classes and electives with students at your same language level. When selecting an academic program, it is important that you are realistic about your language skills, keeping in mind that most foreign institutions hold higher standards for students in assessing language levels than you might expect at a US institution. Final language assessment will be determined by the host institution upon arrival in your destination city. Please review CEA’s description of language levels to give you a guideline of what level in which you may fit. CEA does not guarantee language placement or course selections based on this information.

*Subject areas with an asterisk indicate that the course has been associated with multiple subject areas. Please click on the course title to view additional subject areas and detailed course information.

Language of instruction:   En- English  Fr- French

2012 Fall Semester

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Sem. Credits
Course Structure
1 French Language Course
5 Required Business Studies Courses

All Levels - Total Possible Credits: 15

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Subject Area Lang.Contact
Level Courses
1 French Language CourseGrenoble Ecole de Management
French Lang. & Lit.Fr361.5100French Level 1 (Beginning French)
French Lang. & Lit.Fr361.5200French Level 2 (Low Intermediate French)
French Lang. & Lit.Fr361.5300French Level 3 (High Intermediate French)
French Lang. & Lit.Fr361.5400French Level 4 (Advanced French)
5 Required Business Studies CoursesGrenoble Ecole de Management
Accounting *En363300Introduction to Accounting
BusinessEn181.5300Introduction to Negotiation
Economics *En363300Economics
Management *En363300Introduction to Technology Management
Marketing *En363300Principles of Marketing