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Shanghai Academic Institution

Shanghai Normal University
Shanghai Normal University is accredited by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China and under the guidelines of the Municipal Government of the city of Shanghai.
Available Programs
Chinese Language Studies
Shanghai Normal University

Shanghai Normal University

Founded in 1954 with a focus on teacher training, Shanghai Normal University (SHNU) has since grown into a comprehensive university that incorporates 20 different colleges, research institutes and training centers in fields ranging from liberal arts and science to industry and business. Since its establishment, SHNU has trained some of Shanghai and China's finest professionals. Approximately 10,000 students enroll at SHNU every year, a number of whom participate in exchange programs and come from universities around the world. The university, which is located in a quiet residential area within easy reach of downtown Shanghai, boasts a beautiful island of green in the middle of busy Shanghai city. Great emphasis has been placed on renovating and retaining older buildings rather than building new ones. On tree lined roads and walkways, students will pass beautiful sitting areas and water features on their way to class, many of which are held in red brick buildings reminiscent of towns on the East Coast.

CEA students will take their language classes at the International College of Chinese Studies (ICCS) at Shanghai Normal University. ICCS has a strong reputation for excellence in language teaching and many of its professors are involved in research on the latest Chinese language teaching methodologies. The college attracts roughly 2,000 students from other countries in Asia, the US, and Europe to its Chinese language study program every year. The program offers instruction at all levels, from absolute beginner to advanced and, as an official testing center for the Chinese Proficiency Test, HSK, offers students the opportunity to take the test on campus.

The university offers a variety of services to CEA students including a student ID card, advising at the Office of International Student Affairs, computer lab with internet access, athletic fields, and university organized excursions and social activities.

Classroom Information

  • Chinese faculty from Shanghai Normal University’s International College of Chinese Studies (ICCS) will teach your language courses and electives.
  • Language instructors are all professionals trained in the teaching of Chinese as a Second Language.
  • Periodic exams, homework assignments and final exams will be administered.
  • Attendance in all classes is mandatory and monitored by each professor.
  • Teaching styles in China are somewhat different from those found in the US or Canada. Be prepared to adapt to the different classroom structures and coursework expectations for your school.
  • Class size ranges between 15 and 17 students for language courses and between 10 and 15 students for your electives.
  • You will be in class with international students from the US, Canada, Asia and other parts of the world.


All final course grades will be reported in the form of a numerical grade. The following numerical grades (listed with their general letter grade equivalencies) will be used:

Chinese Letter Grade Percentage US Letter Equivalent
Failing Grade

Please note that this grading scale is recommended, but final credit and grade evaluation is ultimately determined by a student's home university.