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Program Models

Find the Right Fit

CEA understands that its U.S. and Canadian university partners have diverse program needs, and we're ready and eager to tailor our programs and services to meet those needs. These customized programs can either be built on existing CEA programs, thus maximizing CEA infrastructure, or can be built from scratch in order to allow ultimate flexibility across CEA's destinations. CEA has two primary models:

Group Programs

The foundation of a Group Program is a current CEA semester or summer program. As a university, all you need to do is pick an academic program in a location that is right for you, and CEA will do the rest. We will pass on cost savings to your university in the form of pricing discounts, which we're able to do by maximizing enrollment in existing CEA academic programs, housing and activities. Another benefit of Group Programs is that CEA is able to offer customized billing and admissions processes. Students and universities benefit from the best of both worlds – customization in the pre-departure process and integration onsite.

Faculty-led Programs

A Faculty-led Program gives your school complete control. CEA will work with you to design and implement a program that meets your university needs, from orientation and housing to academics and immersion activities. This option allows you to take advantage of CEA's local academic connections and logistical expertise while maintaining control of learning objectives. CEA academic and operational staff have experience working with short-term and semester-length programs. We enjoy supporting faculty leaders in the implementation of their academic programs.

Whichever model you select, CEA will work with you to explore your internationalization goals and academic objectives, and make recommendations for affordable program solutions. Within both of the aforementioned models, CEA is able to support an array of subject areas and areas of emphasis, including:

  • Language & Literature
  • Business & Communication
  • Culture Studies
  • Service Learning & Internships
  • Fine Arts
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Early College
  • High School/Gap Year
  • Special Interest Groups

Step by Step

Review our university-ready Custom Programs, predesigned and ready for any university to utilize when creating a study abroad program:

Browse through program feature examples, including cultural activities, excursions, and active learning opportunities:

Sample Features

Submit a proposal to start planning a CEA customized study abroad program:

Submit a Proposal

To request more information, contact your Regional Consultant or call 1-877-449-2775.