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Custom Programs

What are Custom Programs?

Want to develop a faculty-led program or take a cohort of students abroad, but don't want to deal with the logistics? CEA understands. Let us handle the details.

Incorporate international experiences into courses and bring the curriculum to life while allowing students to earn credit toward their degree: Custom study abroad programs help your institution to fulfill its internationalization goals.

CEA's Custom Programs Team works with you to develop and facilitate international programs that meet your institution's specific academic requirements while saving time, energy, and resources. We take care of the pre-departure advising and on-site logistics, so faculty can focus on teaching.

Whether you want to offer a course taught by your own faculty or offer a cohort arrangement based on an area of interest, CEA provides the support, resources, and flexibility you need to create your own custom program in more than 20 locations around the globe.

Create the
Program that’s Right for You.

At CEA, we understand that each of our university partners has its own unique program needs. That's why we tailor our programs and services to meet your requirements.

You can build your custom program from existing CEA offerings and take advantage of our extensive infrastructure, or you can design your custom program from scratch for maximum flexibility… with our help, of course.

We offer two primary models: Faculty-led and group. Whichever you choose, we'll help you define your objectives and develop affordable solutions. CEA supports a range of disciplines and areas of emphasis, from fine arts to foreign languages, business to biology, environmental sciences to service learning.



Faculty-led programs take advantage of CEA's local academic expertise and logistical infrastructure while accommodating your program's learning objectives. We'll help you design and implement a program that meets your specific needs, from orientation and housing to curricular support and cultural activities.

To request more information, contact your Regional Consultant.




Group Programs

Want to send a cohort of students abroad for a summer or a semester with minimal customization? Perhaps your faculty is unable to go abroad for a full term – no worries. Simply choose an academic program in the CEA location that's right for you, select the customized aspects, and we'll do the rest.

By utilizing existing CEA academics, housing, and activities — and making minimal modifications — this cost-effective option passes pricing discounts along to your university while providing you with customized billing and admissions processes.

It's the best of both worlds: A customized pre-departure process and program, in conjunction with on-site integration.

Want to send a cohort of students abroad, but don't need customization? CEA offers special pricing for groups of 10 or more; contact your Regional Consultant for more information.


Case Studies

Whether you want to create a program in a certain subject area or develop a program for a specific cohort of students — such as freshmen, LGTBQ students and advocates, art majors, or language learners — we'll accommodate your needs.

Here are just a few examples of past custom programs; as you can see, we meet a diverse array of academic and programmatic needs, all with carefully selected co-curricular activities that complement classroom learning.

Integrated Arts: Miami University, Ohio in Paris, France: Fine Arts faculty collaborated with CEA to develop a course on the global impact of integrated arts, with an emphasis on connections between genres. Cultural activities connect real-world applications to the theory students learn in the classroom; for instance, visits to the Paris Opera House provide a firsthand experience of the impact of architecture on theatrical and musical performances.

Computer Science/Engineering Freshman Experience: University of New Haven (UNH) in Florence, Italy: UNH’s Dr. Bill Adams partnered with CEA faculty to create a computer science/engineering study abroad program just for freshmen. Students participate in a tailored orientation and a CEA-developed Student Success Access Plan, a week-by-week program that emphasizes common issues encountered by first-year college students. Onsite advisors and peer mentors provide a high level of support.

Environmental Field Studies/Nature Writing: Mount Mary University in San José, Costa Rica: This program is designed to take advantage of Costa Rica’s natural elements. Students spend most of their time in the field, learning firsthand through activities such as guided tours in the Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve, and volunteering at the Gandoca-Manzanillo National Wildlife Refuge. Students record their experiences through nature writing.

Food & Nutrition: San Diego State University in Barcelona, Spain: Faculty from the School of Exercise and Nutritional Sciences collaborated with CEA to create a four-week program focused on the food, nutrition, and culture of Spain. Students explore the Mediterranean diet — nutritionally and as a lifestyle — and learn about its health benefits. To support the program’s academic goals, students visit an olive oil producer, take cooking classes, and learn to shop at farmer’s markets.

Accelerated Italian Language & Culture: University of California Davis in Florence, Italy: This 16-week program provides deep immersion into Italian language and culture. Students take accelerated language courses — earning a year's worth of credits in just one term — while studying Italian film, exploring Florentine culture, and participating in volunteer experiences that allow them to apply what they're learning in class in a practical setting.

Apparel, Merchandising, Design & Textiles: Washington State University in Shanghai, China: This short-term program provides hands-on experience in Shanghai’s growing fashion design industry. Guest lectures on topics such as international business, market globalization, and Chinese economic development complement site visits to textile manufacturing plants, fabric wholesale markets, and the Shanghai “fake” market. Students also experience Chinese life through a variety of cultural activities and events.

Culture and Identity Studies: Explore Gay Paris: University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) in Paris, France: UMBC’s Dr. Denis Provencher leads this award-winning custom program. Students spend a summer experiencing — and untangling — the diverse web of Francophone cultures, communities, lifestyles, politics, and identities that have long made Paris a beacon of tolerance and avant-gardism. Students are housed in the Marais district, where they’re immersed in both French and Gay French culture.

Intercultural Communications & Public Relations: University of Wisconsin-La Crosse in Seville, Spain: Students delve into the intersections of intercultural communications and public relations in an international context. Through expert guest lectures and visits to local and national Spanish radio stations and newspapers, students learn how to navigate cultural boundaries in an increasingly globalized world.

Latin American Studies: University of Oklahoma (OU) in Buenos Aires, Argentina: Students in this semester program experienced the best of both worlds; classes taught in Spanish by local faculty and courses taught by OU faculty delivered a unique “OU Experience” in Buenos Aires. CEA Buenos Aires staff incorporated experiential learning and cultural activities that enhanced the student learning experience. For instance, students enjoyed private visits to the century-old Colón Theatre and the historic La Recoleta Cemetery, home to architecturally diverse marble mausoleums and Eva Peron’s final resting place.

Roman Greco/Greco Roman Studies: College of St. Benedict (CSB) and St. John’s University (SJU) in Rome, Italy: In this unique program, students divide their study abroad experience between Rome, Italy, and Athens, Greece. Students spend half a semester studying Italian language, culture, art history, literature, and theology in the “Eternal City.” Led by a faculty director in conjunction with instruction from local faculty, students gain hands-on experience through academic field trips to sites such as the Vatican, Subiaco, the Colosseum, and the Forum. Halfway through the semester, students switch places with their CSB/SJU counterparts and experience confluence of ancient/modern civilization in Athens.

Ready to start developing your own successful custom program? Contact your Regional Consultant or submit a proposal today.